Not just a candle, it's an experience

About Us

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Len + McAddy Candles creator, Erin Wallace, knows simplicity. As a busy wife and mother of 3, Erin strives to cut through the clutter and nurture her loved ones by ensuring they have a strong foundation. She’s learned the best way to do that is by getting rid of the fuss and everything that just doesn’t work.

With that said, Len + McAddy Candles is luxury through simplicity. Non-toxic ingredients, soy waxes, pure essential oils and fragrances mixed with one mom’s intuition are what makes these products so special. This female-owned business strives to serve its customers with the same care and consistency that Wallace uses with her own family. Her scent combinations are sheer examples that getting back to basics just works.

Len + McAddy aromas are a purely natural scent for your home and family. Browse our home and aromatherapy collections to find the perfect scent for any space or occasion.

History of Len + McAddy

Erin began whipping up delectable scents for family and friends almost 2 years ago. She found herself crafting fragrances that were unpretentious and modest, clean and wholesome. She shared her research and discovered there were many others who welcomed the same easy self-indulgences her candles provide.

Before long, Len + McAddy (the name, a sweet nod to her own children) was born. The entrepreneurial spirit flourished and Erin honed her skills as a budding artisan.  This multi-tasking mom balances business and family, teaching her 3 children how to add love and quality ingredients to everything she makes by hand.

Erin sincerely shines her light into each and every Len + McAddy product. Repeat customers say her take on traditional smells is creative and refreshing. Len + McAddy Candles evoke fond memories and offer bliss in candle form, a scent-ual journey like no other.